Cancer in Romania

and cancer from my perspective.

Part 1.

During my father’s cancer stages, I often talked to people who thought that it would be easy to get treatment when in the last stages of cancer.


Even if it should be this way, it isn’t. That is because, once the patient reaches the last stages, he needs morphine derivatives as pain killers. And these are very difficult to find. At least in Romania. Although one has a free prescription, one must pay for the drugs. That’s outrageous.

I also talked to a lot of people who thought that people with lung cancer also have to be smokers.

Which I now can infirm. It can a be triggering factor, but not all people who have adenocarcinoma are smokers. While in the hospital, I talked to many patients who couldn’t believe they had lung cancer, because they had NEVER smoked.

I also talked to a bunch of people who were convinced that if one does the investigations with regularity, one has no chance for cancer to develop.

Very wrong this time.

But this is another topic, which I shall talk about in another post.

Now I wonder why I didn’t hear of The Romanian Cancer League until now.

And I also wonder how come when googling “cancer in Romania”, the first ad related is this.

To get a small part of the picture, read 98,000 Cancer Patients in Danger not to receive Treatment and Cancer patients, sent to death by the Romanian State!


Regards to all.