I am a smoker

My mother died of myocardial infarction.

My father died of cancer.


And these days I had the oddest conversation in years:


– They suspect I have breast cancer.

– What?

– They suspect I have breast cancer.

– What will you do?

– Try some naturist treatment.

– Aha…okay?

– They’re taking our house.

– Come again?

– And the car.

– Okay, can you go a bit slower?

– What do you expect me to do? We’ll see how things develop.

– And S.?

– Oh, she’s okay. Still at my mom’s.

– That’s good.

– Yeah.


This somehow made me realize how much I miss my grandma, whom I haven’t seen for 2 years now and who has Hemiparesis.

Irma saw her tough and I’m very glad she did.

It’s funny how children don’t see anyone who doesn’t look “normal” as frightening.

It’s funny how we are so much bound to faith.

I shall quit smoking as from…[to be filled in some other time] 😀