The Missing Tile Syndrome

“It’s human nature to focus our attention on what we don’t have.”


But what if, instead of seeing what we don’t have, thus focusing our attention on that thing – or those things -, we would be able to see these “minuses”, “missing pieces” like a child?

We tell our children what things are bad and what things are good. Children aren’t fearful by nature. They only learn to fear things. They don’t see a missing piece as missing, but as a natural gap, until we tell them that there must be a piece where a gap is.


We should try our best to achieve that state of mind. Because life is short – you really never know how short life can be – and life should be lovely and full of beautiful memories. We all should enjoy more of the things we do.  Do exactly what makes us happy. And if this isn’t possible once or twice don’t get discouraged. Keep trying. Some day things will be exactly how you wish them to be.