Glass Paint

and the empty wine bottles plus one jar I can’t even be called a social drinker and yet, I have collected that many empty wine bottles during the passed…month?! I didn’t drink all of… Continue reading

The question is peculiar

makes me smile. now. and then. I wake up in the morning and see a sun beam on the pillow. It’s playful. It reflects my passed night. Playful it was. In a weird… Continue reading

Winter tale

  I think I might have a new obsession: bats. Because they are simply the cutest things. Because they don’t bite, once they have got accustomed to a place and its inhabitants. Because… Continue reading

This was supposed to be my post for today

and this is what it is now: I can change my mind on what to write about. It’s my blog, right? What I wanted to write about: Russia banning Americans from adopting Russian… Continue reading

There was no The End

Introspection: either for the World, nor for my relationship this year. Or so it seems until now.  Not that I would have liked it to be. The End, I mean. But still, there… Continue reading

Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

The Present:   Revenons à nos moutons So, is it fake or not? These are the most plausible explanations I could find: Golden Eagle fakers admit toddler video is a hoax despite fooling… Continue reading

These days

These days, I didn’t have enough time. Irma has come home for Christmas.  

2012 revised

last Christmas  Last Christmas, Irma was growing up fast and enchanting us with her strong personality. Last Christmas I didn’t want to care about anybody else than my family. Last Christmas my father… Continue reading

It’s all about the money

and I don’t love him anymore You know, I just loved him so much! I was devastated the one time she managed to define a clear break line between us. Friends really know… Continue reading

We definitely are social beeings

and this is definitely some news: Pope and twitter and now Pope and tweets? Why? Here’s the most realistic answer answer I could find: by Natasha Lomas, on TechCrunch “[…] It is probably… Continue reading