à vendre maison hantée, prix 1 euro

What do you think about this?   Insolite : une maison hantée aux enchères sur eBay (one of the French versions) French Haunted House Auctioned Off on eBay for Just 1 Euro (one… Continue reading

The Missing Tile Syndrome

“It’s human nature to focus our attention on what we don’t have.” But what if, instead of seeing what we don’t have, thus focusing our attention on that thing – or those things… Continue reading


makes me enjoy everything. It makes me dance even while I am sitting. And this Asia Pacific Tango Festival Manila 2012 video just rules!  

Our bat feeding on maggots

We had to wake it up, or else if would have been in danger of starvation. So here I am, feeding our own and personal bat on maggots. Dead maggots, since it doesn’t… Continue reading

How to Recycle your Christmas Tree

The holidays are long gone and I still have our Christmas tree “decorating” the living room. As we did not buy a potted tree this year and we no longer have the yard… Continue reading

Organizing. Tips & Tricks.

The world wide web is full of videos and written stuff related to organizing. From dorms to kitchens, from basements to yards, from home offices to garages a.s.o. it has all been covered… Continue reading

Reinvent your Wardrobe

Introduction Taking a closer look into my newly organized wardrobe, I feel like there are new ways to improve my outfits. Do your clothes represent you? At times, they tend to take my… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Okay, now you have seen it. That used to be my idea of a closet, wardrobe, or whatever thing is supposed to hide clothes from the views of curious visitors. 2013 came with… Continue reading

LS3 Follow Tight and a day in the future

2013 keeps leading me to the weird part of the world wide web Did you see Caprica? I liked it. I really did. As a movie to watch and imagine how it would… Continue reading

How social are you?

Last year I stopped using facebook for some months. It wasn’t a personal “let me see how much it will last” project. The circumstances don’t really matter. The thing is, I could say it back… Continue reading