Killing and remorse

It was foggy outside. Cold. That cold weather had to go away. Soon. She felt like it was suffocating her more and more each day. Strange feeling that suffocation. It was supposed to… Continue reading

Chinese and Japanese multiplication method

Growing up has its advantages indeed. You have learned the multiplication table by heart, you have graduated and you use a computer to do those ugly multiplications for you, because you have had… Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Nightmares

After having written this yesterday, I received the Daily Prompt: Nightmares in my inbox and suddenly felt relieved. I could now continue this post and try to interpret it or ask you what… Continue reading

Dreaming of dreams

It is the darkest form of dark that she has ever felt. She is not alone although she feels like being surrounded by nothingness. As if this state of nonexistence isn’t suffocating enough,… Continue reading

Mother love

When having a child in your proximity, especially when you are the parent, you cannot resist the temptation of not starting to wonder if the things the little human who calls you mom… Continue reading


I like it. Thanks Meizac.

Get the stress out

Just get out, you stressful stress, she was telling to herself the other night, as all but her were sleeping. She tried closing her eyes and count the sheep, which obviously didn’t work.… Continue reading


You walk down the street and you can’t just pass by that woman standing still, tears in her eyes, mumbling something with a trembling voice, without staring at her for maybe a few… Continue reading

Reply to this

Grey sky and cold wind. The first two things I saw/felt when going out of the house this morning. Nature being itself and being indifferent. What a lovely feeling it must be. That… Continue reading

Quit Smoking you Stupid Ass!

That’s pretty much all that I told myself this morning, when I realized that I had told Rich the other night that I would quit smoking and when I remembered me not smoking… Continue reading