thoughts People are somehow frightening at times. They try to emphasize their beliefs and feelings, without thinking even a little bit about what their impact on others might be. At times, although we… Continue reading


a. the best day for science in a long time now 🙂 b. the day that made me realize how precious all the moments spent with my daughter are c. the day when… Continue reading


je t’aime I’ve been watching Parkour movies on You tube for quite some time now and I was always fascinated by it. And since my daughter is a toddler who moves very fast… Continue reading


und lust auf Urlaub I know, I have said, I would write more, but how do you do this when you hardly have time to take a deep breath and enjoy? My little… Continue reading

Just a picture

for the moment Later more, and some writing 🙂

My little Irma had

a vacation. One month long, she, her nanny and her nanny’s husband wondered through Romania. They were: 1.  here 2. here and and and and 3. here Finally, they… Continue reading

Inspired by

1. Bucket List Publications   Happy happy, joy joy! I remembered, reading Lesley’s Bucket List Publications, that I have a very good friend who lives in Split, Croatia, who is telling me for… Continue reading

Today is not a good day for science

or is it? Today I realized, although it’s been hard to accept it, that I feel miserable. I feel weak and everything irritates me. It’s only a matter of time, I thought, until… Continue reading

how to

plan a bachelorette party I must plan my best girlfriend’s bachelorette party. The problem is…I must plan it today, for this evening! Crappy thing. Already received 3 denials from her other friends, telling… Continue reading

Bad Mother – Good Mother

I was recently told I am a bad mother. This link should help understand what a really bad mother is like 🙂 enjoy