One red paperclip

one red paperclip

Do you remember Kyle MacDonald’s one red paperclip? It was epic. It still is.


Now, I can’t stop thinking about Ruxandra. Do you remember her? The young girl who is in a coma?

If I had the money, I clearly wouldn’t sit in front of the computer thinking about what I could do, would I?


So here is what I have come up with [insert kind of copied]:

I want to trade one of these empty cans with you for something bigger or better. You name it.

empty cans

If you promise to make the trade you will have to come and visit, from wherever you are, to trade. (see the twist?)
I’m going to make a continuous chain of ‘up trades’ until I get an item with enough real market value to be sold so as to cover the amount needed to transfer Ruxandra to a hospital abroad + any other expenses her family needs [or someone to pay for all that?].


I really hope to trade with you soon!