I care. Do you?

Hai s-o ajutam pe Ruxandra

Let’s help Ruxandra

I know I didn’t write here for a while now.

Still, I thought I could give it a try. Maybe I can convince some [if not all] of you to share this.

Ruxandra needs help to get out of coma. Maybe she stands a chance, maybe she doesn’t. Schumacher is out of coma, at least so has been reported. And if this is true, it didn’t happen over night, and it didn’t happen for free.

The point is, we live in fucking Romania, where, even if some hospitals are equipped with some new, fancy machines, they still don’t use them. Various reasons. Don’t ask. The hospital Ruxandra is in doesn’t anyway have the necessary resources to help her. And since treatment abroad isn’t cheap, the least fortunate of us who really get caught up in a situation where they desperately need to be transferred in some civilized country so that they stand a chance to heal, also desperately need to raise money in order to make it happen.

Ruxandra just turned 25. She turned 25 not even knowing she did, since she already was in a coma back on April 1st. Let her passions be, let the fact be that she was eager to become a successful lawyer, let the fact be that it was a motorcycle accident that got her into this unfortunate situation. Just consider that people raise money for a infinite number of [more] insignificant causes: to help someone live a better life, to finance a business, to fund an invention and so on and so forth… and there are people who raise money for worse scenarios: a child has cancer, a child has suffered a car accident a.s.o.

Here is the link for the indiegogo campaign:

Help Ruxandra come out of coma

And here is the link for the donations on wix.com:


If we were all to give her just 1 dollar, 100 people = 100 dollars. If each of us could donate this much and share this and try  to explain to friends that 1 dollar is the exchange they don’t even know exists, I’m sure we could make a difference and help her be transferred abroad, so that she, too, can stand a chance and get out of coma.

The money goes straight into the accounts (EURO and ROMANIAN LEI) of her mother, so no third party gets to it.

Come on people, let’s try to help her! She also has the right to live…more than 25 years. She also has the right to smile, to cry, to love and be loved, to enjoy life, to do all the things that she didn’t until now, to grow old(er) and eventually die.

Wouldn’t it feel good to know that your invisible money has saved a life?