Enric Durán

Did you ever hear about Enric Durán? No? Here’s the fact: between the summer of 2005 and the spring of 2008, Enric Durán managed to borrow €492,000 ($642,306) from 39 different financial entities. Do you know what he did with all that money? Well, he ploughed it into a number of unspecified anti-capitalist causes and spent the rest on Crisi, a free newspaper that detailed how he’d done what he did and urged others to do the same. Enric spent two months in jail in 2011 and was released pending trial, which was set for earlier this month. His minimum sentence would be eight years.

What now?

VICE: Hey, Enric, what exactly happened with your trial?
Enric Durán: The court accepted my lawyer’s resignation on February 13th, then they told me I had to come to court again on the 18th, but I didn’t go to that. And now it’s not that clear if they can go on further with the case because I haven’t got a new lawyer, so it would be against my rights if they were to continue.

Information and excerpts above from This Guy took out a Gigantic Loan to Destroy the Financial System by Paul Geddis


And here’s Enric Durán’s blog.

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