In love, in need

In love with the sun.

In need of a change.

Have you ever felt like not being in the mood of doing anything? Especially during cold winter days and/or if winter seems to last forever? Let me tell you something, I am so weather sensitive, that I truly find it hard to think if I don’t like the weather.

Last week we had some 19 degrees Celsius and sunny weather. The world was mine. I felt I could move mountains. This week, we have somewhere around 10 degrees Celsius. No big deal. But oh, the rain and lack of sun just drive me insane.

In love with Asian fashion.

In need of really reinventing my wardrobe.

All images and more, from fuckyeahchinesefashion.

The day before yesterday I received a present from a friend. It is a traditional Chinese summer dress. I absolutely love it. I lack the proper shoes but I’m sure I will find a pair until summer. Since I have lost a lot of weight (for whatever reason I do like this), my Reinvent your Wardrobe project has failed. At least for the moment, since I can’t wear more than half of my clothes, due to looking like this reasons:

dress too big  Anyways, thank you Pintucks and Ruffles for the idea.

By the way, I also love the idea behind New Dress a Day – 365 Days / 365 Dollars

What do you think, should I try to do something like this? I think it would be fun. And consider the huge amount on money I would save! (we have a lot of second-hand stores in Bucharest). I’ll seriously think about something the like.