Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

I like this week’s Challenge from The Daily Post! Much.

This is not a normal day in my life, but I would like it to be. This is Braşov, located at about 170 km from Bucharest. This weekend, we decided to take a closer look to Spring and take a trip to Braşov. We hit the road at 2 pm on Saturday and reached Braşov at 4 pm. We took our friend to see the Black Church  (the Black Church is the largest Gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul.) If you want to read more about it, click here. Then we went for a walk through the historic center and then up with the aerial tram to see the city from above (some 950 m altitude). Truth be told, I didn’t have such a good time in months. I’m glad that Winter is gone (forgive me snow, ice, ski, skates, Santa, Jesus for not liking this season very much).

A shame (or maybe not) that we didn’t see any bears, so no pictures of bears. Maybe next time. (although I’d prefer not to). I’ll someday write a post about bears in Romania.