Sex with pleasure

I don’t know if you are familiar with the “Sex Chip” news back in 2008, but if you aren’t, you can read about it at Mark’s TECHNOLOGY News or at Marie Claire UK. Truth be told, I didn’t hear anything new about it ever since.


I get the point. I really do.

Although, the first question going through my head ever since I started my sex life was: What contraceptive method should one use? Or what would be the most accurate and safest method?

Condoms, the Pill, Tubal Ligation and Tubal Implants for women or Vasectomy for men (both tubal stuff and the vasectomy are said to be reversible)? Ah, and there’s still the good old Calendar-Method (reminds me of a friend using it confidently and still remaining pregnant = insert outch). We have so many choices and still, all of them are risky, so specialists.

At first I didn’t think I wanted to get into the condom use thing. But here I am, not being able to resist and asking you, women and men, do you enjoy condom protected sex? Do you think it could somehow be related to the size of the penis? Or uterus? Well, if you don’t want to comment here, you can always answer Le Clown’s question here: Don’t Get Teste With Me.

I’m taking the pill. I don’t like it, but I must, due to another problem that I have (not sex related). I read an interesting article about the Pill, which I am not able to find right now, but you could just ask the Ringmistress at Laments and Lullabies (it was her who linked it). Bottom line, it doesn’t do us women so good.

Having the two most common contraceptive methods covered, I would dare to ask, have you ladies ever thought about going for tubal ligation / tubal implants or you guys for vasectomy? What? It is just a question! Don’t shoot.


Ah, and Happy Easter!