Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Dreams. Wishes. Promises. Choices. They all lead to a future us. There is no step back in terms of time. Hours pass. Hours never go back. I loved clocks and hourglasses ever since I can remember.

The first hourglass I received was a present from my aunt. It was March. I was 7. I still have it.

My great grandfather died. We received his old longcase clock and put it in my room. It was October. I was 14. I still miss the sound of the pendullum and the clock striking the hours.


My mother died. It was November. I was 22. Her first wristwatch isn’t functional anymore. I need to fix it.


About the same age as I was when she passed away. See the watch? I still have it!


My father died. It was May. It was his birthday. I was 26. The cuckoo clock in the hallway was striking 12 pm.

fourty something

2 years before he died. Butterfly effect?


Nobody died. It was July. I was 28. I received a new clock pendant from R. and I love it.

Clock Pendant

My clock pendant



It was two weeks ago. I am almost 29. She is almost 3.

little rascal

Irma, the little rascal


There are no things more pregnant in terms of future and time than clocks and hourglasses. Each second passing by, means that we have gone a little bit further, that we are closer to our dreams, to our wishes, to our promises, to the outcome of our choices. I couldn’t imagine life without dreams. As I couldn’t imagine life without hope.

At first, we are the little darlings to our parents. Then we grow up to be the darlings to our soul mates. We get a bit older and our children are our universe. We get old and we are again the darlings of our soul mates. Until we die. Or they die. Our entire lives are made of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years. Many or few. Happy or sad. It doesn’t really matter as long as our lives are for real, our feelings are for real and we don’t stop believing in the future.

Your future means your parents and grandparents and great grandparents and their parents and grandparents and great grandparents a.s.o. continuing to exist through the genes they have passed along to you. Genes stand for generations and generations stand for time. Clocks measure time, hence clocks stand for the past and for the present and for the future.

Could we manage to live in the present and in the future, then the past wouldn’t stand a chance in affecting us. Unfortunately that is sometimes hard to accomplish and often easier said than done.