Revenge is stupid



Have you ever wanted so badly to have revenge that you couldn’t see beyond your anger and frustration? Well, I think when I say been there, done that, I can actually act like I were speaking for some of you. Or not? Okay, this would mean I am indeed wrecked.

This morning I woke up with the frustrating thought, that my gravatar looks shitty. How could it not look shitty, if it was just a scanned piece of paper on which I, without having the necessary time nor the patience or skills, have one day scribbled something? So I came up with a new gravatar, made in Illustrator, which looks like the above, only a lot smaller, so it is very hard to be distinguished as a gravatar. But I still like it more than the old one.

Coming back to revengeful people, I am certainly not the kind of person who seeks revenge. At least not when thinking about real human beings. Instead, I can be the most revengeful person who is constantly looking for revenge when thinking about myself. Or about the things that I wish to do, but never have time or money or both. It’s those moments of frustration that could easily kill me. And I don’t even find that odd. What is your opinion, could this kind of revenge be seen as stupid? ‘Cause I really can’t tell.

I wouldn’t call it a revenge on gravatar or Illustrator yet, but I certainly want to improve my knowledge of Illustrator and try to work on a suitable avatar/gravatar/image so that I can get over the dumb look on my face when seeing my own gravatar.

And for the record, revenge of any kind is still stupid.