Depression and medication


I sometimes am depressive, but this is only a self-diagnosis that I have never really checked with a specialist. Both before and after my daughter came into my life, I went through momentsL O T of moments when even I thought I was overreacting and sounding like a maniac. So, I might have a tiny self-control and depression problem. Or more psychological issues, the names of which I don’t even know in Romanian? We Romanians often self-diagnose and often self-medicate. But since I am a do not take medicine unless it is really really necessary maniac (some of you might now, my mother used to be a nurse, but this didn’t stop me from developing my own opinions regarding drugs), I avoided medicine successfully until now. And a visit or more to the psychiatrist (or maybe shrink?) as a matter of fact.

I have been reading quite some articles about depression lately. And I started wondering if I should pay a visit to a psychiatrist. Then I thought that even if he/she told me that I was depressive or that I had I don’t know what kid of a disorder, I wouldn’t agree to take drugs anyway. So what would be the point in making such an appointment? Well, the point would be for me to find out if I indeed have a problem. If so, I will see how I will deal with it. No drugs. Maybe some yoga? If not, I’ll be perfectly happy.

By the way, that in the picture is my eye. It does look like the eye of a depressive maniac, don’t you think?