Because I’m an addict

Addictions are those things that make our life better. Or worse. It really depends on what end of the string you find yourself.

sex, drugs and alcohol

sex, drugs and alcohol?

The kind of person who can easily become an addict, that’s me. I know that and that’s the reason why I don’t even think about starting a new activity that I know I would enjoy. My only addiction at the moment is smoking. Maybe I chose one of the worst addicting things to do, but hey, I’m glad I’m not into alcohol or drugs or sex? or sex and drugs and alcohol for that matter, although sometimes I have some dark wishes that imply the use of more mind-fucking stuff.

God, I wish I was on drugs

God, I wish I was on drugs

Years ago, as my friends were addictively playing MMORPGs (some of them still do now), I was selling game keys. When I was offered to make some extra cash from playing, I refused, remembering my first experience with the Gameboy and then the Nintendo in my room when I was a child. That experience would translate in me not sleeping the entire night, going to school half asleep and waiting for the classes to end faster so I could go home and play more. Thank you mom and dad for supervising my behavior and not letting me not go to school the next day! Otherwise, I would have ended up sort of like this:



Although, I would have never managed to become a geek. Want to read something nice? Try 8 Tell-Tale Signs You’re A Geek.

Then I found out that adventure games were more appropriate (so I was thinking), because you always have the choice to save and do whatever you have to do, then come back. The only problem is that you loose track of time, so I found myself falling asleep on the keyboard and waking up in the middle of the night, because of some dream related to the game I was playing. Not nice. So I stopped.

I like vodka. I don’t like beer. I like this: What Is a Functional Alcoholic? I manage not to drink because of my fear of becoming addicted. It has worked just fine until now. I hope it stays this way. Otherwise, this is how I would imagine myself:



You pervs, that was supposed to be subtle!

After some years of having nothing to hold on to – speaking about what a normal person would call a hobby – I have realized it isn’t that bad to be addicted to something. You only have to choose the right thing and be happy with your new addiction.

Bottom line, I have made my choice.


Off the record, 10 Things We Learned in 2012, the place from where I have taken the photo above made me laugh.


Have a nice day. With or without addictions. Just be yourselves. It should be fun.