wordpress and/or blogspot?

I am well aware of the fact that I was quite absent here on wordpress.com for a, say, quite a long time. I won’t even dare to start this – real post in a long time – with the social, cultural, personal reasons.

Instead, do you want a little insight of how things look like on blogspot.com, .ro and all the other dots out there (I wasn’t even aware that blogspot and blogger are the same – well, it’s google, they can do what they want, can’t they?)?

For a short period I thought about betraying wordpress.com. I wanted a blog in my mother tongue. Legit? No? Well, I have a second blog now. Yeah, the funny language you see there is Romanian. And I know for a fact that from all my followers here on mimickingourselves, the only ones speaking Romanian are  Cristian Mihai, Alex I. and unomadicaeu. If there are others, feel free to crucify me.

After doing some research and actually trying to write a blog in Romanian on wordpress.com (no, I won’t give you the link! It’s still a work in progress, and it’s only meant for comparison), I started Cumperi.uşor. That’s because I want to sell stuff, but don’t want to buy a domain. Yet. Anyhow, my conclusion after exactly 3 days of having a Romanian blog on blogspot.ro:

blogspot statistics

blogspot statistics

Don’t get it? Well, let me tell you something. My best days on mimickingourselves would sum up around 180 unique visitors. And those days are very few. And they definitely weren’t my first days of writing. Now back to blogspot: I have “requested” my own page views not to be counted and not to have any crawlers (it’s a mystery to me why someone would actually want to have any. But well, maybe it’s some reason that I missed). And this is how my stats page looks like:

blogspot stats wtf

blogspot stats wtf

(you can clearly see: Crawlere şi indexare, plus [Dezactivată], meaning Crawlers and indexing, deactivated – here you can insert the lol part, just because – see picture below)

blogspot stats

blogspot stats

[insert note to self:

so this is blogspot

so this is blogspot!]


As you can see, there are actually some links there, as in: vampirestat, adsensewatchdog, bthemes ? I could understand that these could somehow be related to blogspot, google, adsense a.s.o.. What I don’t get is: how the fuck does the stuff usually getting into spam here, get to fuck me on blogspot?!

Conclusion and note 2 to self: keep the blogspot.ro, because you have started it there. Buy your own domain. Fast!

As a side note, this is some interesting info about fake traffic. Only I didn’t do anything to get this. So my only logical explanation is that there is some sort of security issue on blogspot?

Does anyone posses more info about this?