Daily Prompt: Nightmares

After having written this yesterday, I received the Daily Prompt: Nightmares in my inbox and suddenly felt relieved. I could now continue this post and try to interpret it or ask you what you think this means. I’m very unskilled when it comes to interpreting my dreams (I also do remember very seldom what I dream about).  What I do know is that it’s the second time I have this nightmare. The first time, 7 years ago, only the first two rooms appeared. My parents were alive back then.

The first time I had this nightmare I didn’t see it as a nightmare at all. It’s funny though, that yesterday, although it was almost the same dream, I woke up crying, trembling, sad and with a twisted mind, even if the third part of the dream introduced a picture of my parents. It was the “Please, try to take care of yourself!” which made me cry.

Do you believe in spirits? Life after death? Dear people trying to make you realize something or to help you? I have my moments when I think there could be something about it. I have noticed something: the few times that I do remember what my dreams are about, no matter if they are nightmares or not, something happens. It’s either good or bad. It’s there. Present in my life the next day or a few days after I have the dream.

I haven’t dreamed of my parents since my father died. That time, I dreamed of them being together, laughing and telling me they were okay. I woke up with a smile on my face.