Mother love

When having a child in your proximity, especially when you are the parent, you cannot resist the temptation of not starting to wonder if the things the little human who calls you mom or dad does are natural for that particular age. Let’s call our subject α.

At first, you analyze things like how correct α’s sentences are, plus the fact that there are sentences involved in α wanting to communicate, but only due to the fact that you have those friends who have some friends who also have a little girl (let’s call her β), who “can only say mommy me eat cheese now instead of the more accurate, mommy I want to eat some cheese now, that your precious little smart, genius child manages to tell you” or how your sporty α can climb and go down the big slide in the park without the slightest hesitation and β can’t.

Then you watch your little Picasso at work and you live under the impression that she is the most talented kid in the world. You are a parent, that’s normal, nobody can tell you something bad about your child, because you’ll be likely to transform, become an eagle with the eyes and claws wide open, and devour every single human or non-human being daring not to praise your darling.

work in progress

And then you start taking pictures of, of course, your little devil at work. And it is of course therefore that you bought that more or less expensive camera. So you can capture every bit of her tiny persona. And then post them: blog and/or facebook and/or twitter, doesn’t really matter, to the full later embarrassment of your grown-up to be child? Well, you can’t tell yet, but if this should happen, you can always delete those after her friends have seen her and made fun of her. It’s only legitimate. You are her mother. You even start writing about how cute he/she was while farting or other stuff . Yeah!

You are a mother, what the fuck!? (because fathers can most of the times be objective when it comes to their offspring. I keep wondering why.)

What if I were one of those who saw things a bit different and thought like mother duck thought about the little ugly duckling: “Oh, well,”  “He can swim. He is definitely not a turkey.”

Well, I am kind of that sort of person“. Hah, I wished! But then again, I would be a man, right? I do think that over- as well as under-appreciation are not good at any age. And I do tell her: “oh, you are so pretty” or “look how nice you painted this” or “you are mommy’s little darling”. Her father doesn’t. Side note: she still prefers her father and still wants to manipulate him, although she was clearly told it won’t work. And I do think from time to time that maybe she could be talented in something (to be honest, most of the times it’s more like praying – were I a good Christian I would indeed pray for it). And I surely try to see what she likes to do, because I really think that channeling your children’s energy into something they enjoy doing is more likely to be in their own advantage later, than trying to make them do or like something only because you think that would help them.