Get the stress out

Just get out, you stressful stress, she was telling to herself the other night, as all but her were sleeping. She tried closing her eyes and count the sheep, which obviously didn’t work.


Counting sheep? Hopeless!

I don’t even know why the frack I tried this out, it never works anyways, she thought.

After some hours of trying different methods, out of which none seemed to bring her to any satisfying results, she closed her eyes and imagined she was driving. At first there was traffic, so she behaved. Then, as she kept accelerating, the other cars just got fewer, the streets became a race track and she kept pressing down on that accelerator pedal. It was relieving. It felt like getting high in the best sense of it. It would have never crossed her mind that speed, although she is a bit, okay, more of a speed maniac, would have such a tremendous effect on her stress.

Now she is dreaming about saving some money for a rally driver/co-driver training course. Well, she’s allowed to keep dreaming, isn’t she?

One thing is sure, when under stress, do have some money put aside. At least for an hour of karting. It will definitely help. I’ll try this on the first occasion that I am sure will be quite soon.

In the meanwhile, I’ll just try listen to…Eric, the fastest violonist in the world:

OMG, this feels good!