Quit Smoking you Stupid Ass!

That’s pretty much all that I told myself this morning, when I realized that I had told Rich the other night that I would quit smoking and when I remembered me not smoking last night and that this was going to be THE day. The one and hopefully only day when I would feel so miserable and down. The first day when I would feel the urge to smoke and I would have to resist that.

I thought it would be wise to watch non-sense videos on youtube, like:

then I found this:

so I had to make another plan.

My day was is terrible!!! I don’t know how I’m going to get over this! First thing in the morning, NO coffee! Then, NO smoking Then the “let’s eat something part”. I have heard about this in the passed, just wouldn’t have imagined that one could actually eat until one is one step away from vomiting, then

then again, eat all you can. (Now I want a all you can eat place, so I can eat and throw up and eat and throw up until I fall).

quit smoking

Wish me luck!