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The world wide web is full of videos and written stuff related to organizing. From dorms to kitchens, from basements to yards, from home offices to garages a.s.o. it has all been covered and there are still many who continue writing, taking pictures, making videos while giving useful advice.

It’s not new and it’s definitely not revolutionary, but since it came out of my head one day, I’ll take this as a personal challenge.

Starting on Sunday January 13th and continuing every day up to the moment that I can’t combine my outfits anymore, I will take pictures and try to show how much even a scarf can change an outfit.

Note 1: at least 90% of my clothes excluding stockings and underwear are secondhand clothes.

Conclusion: I never was the adept of paying a small fortune for an item that gets its fame and non-affordability from its label. Not that I don’t like designer clothes, but I simply wouldn’t pay that much only because some skirt is part of some new collection, it’s up to date, fashionable, cool, trendy, you name it.

Note 2: I have bought a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania top for 1 dollar some years ago.

Conclusion: One can have expensive/designer clothes in the wardrobe and doesn’t have to pay a fortune for this luxury.

Side note: I do agree on the fact that in the case of many of the more expensive clothes, the fabric is of higher quality and that is why I always choose cheap second-hand quality clothes above not so cheap or even expensive new, sometimes quality sometimes not-so-quality clothes.