Reinvent your Wardrobe


Taking a closer look into my newly organized wardrobe, I feel like there are new ways to improve my outfits.

spring-ish outfit

spring-ish outfit

Do your clothes represent you? At times, they tend to take my world over. I’m not a fashion freak, but I’m not ignorant either. I’ll stick to my opinion that I’m somewhere in between believing that one piece of material tends to look different depending on the person who is wearing it and knowing that we do not always tend to buy clothes that represent us.

During pregnancy, my weight had gone up and I no longer was able to wear my old clothes. Or at least some of them. I back then started buying new clothes, only to find out later that I wasn’t feeling comfortable when wearing them, that they weren’t my style or that I loved them so much  that I would have been capable of making them my pajamas as well as going shopping, meeting people in a fancy place or taking a walk through the park.

After giving birth, I still was somehow heavier than what I nutritionists would have considered to be normal, or what would have made me feel comfortable in my own shoes, so I still had the clothes-problem. Not to mention the I-don’t-want-to-go-to-the-seaside-this-summer-issue. Still, thinking back, I didn’t seem to do anything about it, excepting the possibility that you would name the complains about not having anything to wear and buying more and more useless clothes that I also did not wear doing something.

After two and almost a half years of having a hell instead of a wardrobe as well as making the already miserable lives of the ones surrounding me more miserable each time we had to go somewhere, with me not being capable of finding something, anything that I would see as an acceptable outfit, I finally put an end to it.

In the meanwhile I finally managed to get rid of those kilograms who managed to disturb even my beauty sleeps.

Some days ago, I was proudly presenting one of my 2013 resolutions and the outcome of me sticking to the plan.

Now, I would like to proudly present step 2 of my grandiose project, namely Reinvent your Wardrobe. I plan to take pictures of possible outfits, until I run out of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and have a post per day dedicated to it.

I really think I will enjoy this. Maybe some of you also will. I’m determined to show how many different ways one can wear the same thing and look totally different, by simply combining it with clothes that one has thought one would never or only seldom wear.