Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Okay, now you have seen it. That used to be my idea of a closet, wardrobe, or whatever thing is supposed to hide clothes from the views of curious visitors.

2013 came with an enormous urge to organize stuff around the house. It was about time!

Introspection: during our almost 9 years in Bucharest, we moved 10 times. Yeah, it’s Romania and this country’s Bucharest’s enormous demand for accommodation, that makes landlords be able to kick your ass out of the apartment/house for a few bucks more, which they would receive from another tenant of course, since you are not stupid enough to have your ass kicked on any occasion, or for selling their property for an outrageous amount, which they wouldn’t receive anywhere else.

One month ago when I again had to pack and then unpack all of my stuff (it’s 9 years, darn!) again, although no furniture (yay!) plus my daughter’s stuff (which meant more than a half of the stuff), I was overwhelmed. Thank you Ikea for your cardboard boxes! They helped. Moving toys. And clothes. And appliances. Nonetheless, I had to think fast and move faster in organizing stuffing the old stuff into the closets, as Christmas was coming and I was eager to wait for 2013 to come the old fashioned way: sitting at what I now sort of call home with a glass of whine/beer any drink containing ethanol, in front of the computer or TV or whatever.  Just not cleaning up and packing or unpacking anymore.

In the meanwhile. Stalked by the pigeon.


pigeon stalking

Yesterday though, I had to do something, since I felt like all clothes were about to fall out of the closet, not to mention the fact that I was wearing the same one pair of jeans and one, maybe two skirts and dresses for over one month now.

So, I opened my personal boutique and started organizing. The room (don’t panic, I only managed to bring that one room plus the bathroom out of chaos) looks lovely and I think I won’t have to buy clothes for the next few years.

Not to mention the fact that I organized my clothes as ready-to-use outfits. Outstanding!

My first resolution for 2013. Checked!

Now let me eat my fish and finish my beer.