LS3 Follow Tight and a day in the future

2013 keeps leading me to the weird part of the world wide web

Did you see Caprica?


caprica-robot Zoe

I liked it. I really did. As a movie to watch and imagine how it would be like. This kind of things trigger some sort of mild panic. The thoughts go wild and it feels like the mind goes crazy. I’m the kind of person who likes watching horror and science-fiction movies more than real life representing movies. I simply enjoy the triggering factor they activate inside my mind.

“LS3, follow tight” though, is a little too much of a triggering factor. I like science-fiction being and remaining science-fiction. I feel a deep attraction to science in all its forms, but I would also like that the kind of dangerous science that could make humans develop in the wrong direction remained in the labs. Or for a matter of fact in the minds of the developers. Okay, in the labs. Although, based on any science-fiction movie scenario, this couldn’t possibly be achieved.

“[…] LS3 represents the culmination of a decade of research in perception and autonomy with programs like DARPA’s Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle-Perception for Off-Road Robotics Integration (UPI) program, mobility work with DARPA’s “Big Dog” and significant advances in natural human-robot interface such as voice recognition.” Read more on DARPA

And this:

Plus this:


And these are all real!

I’m leaving now! I had my bedtime stories. Now I can go ahead and dream. And let you think about it. Maybe we’ll have a chit-chat on this topic tomorrow.