Glass Paint

and the empty wine bottles plus one jar


I can’t even be called a social drinker and yet, I have collected that many empty wine bottles during the passed…month?! I didn’t drink all of them. Maybe not even half of the quantity. Still, they are here, in my kitchen, somehow ruining my feng shui, my zen garden and all my other out of body experiences, if I had some right now. Not that I have decorated the kitchen for Christmas or something. It looks like usual. And still, without actually looking like I would have trash lying around, today they popped out. And made me not want them anymore.

I always wanted to make sure I will not end up keeping each insignificant object until the rest of my days. And since trash is trash, I took them out of the box in which they have been stashed until this afternoon.

These bottles would make a beautiful decoration, my other more creative and bored self told me.

No way I will waste my time with such things, the rational self replied.

So, after researches, I thought this glass paint recipe would come in handy. But since I am not that kind of woman/mom who has neither food coloring in her kitchen, nor liquid dishwash soap, I had to go buy some. Against all odds, I totally forgot about the liquid dishwash soap, as I was desperately trying to find some food coloring. After some 30 minutes of unpleasant conversations to the shop vendors near the house, I finally gave up. What the heck? Can’t I simply use some other recipe?

So, back home, I used:

clear liquid glue

tempera paint

Here’s what came out

After I’ll finally buy that food coloring, I’ll make my own tempera paints (out of egg yolk and food coloring and mix it with the glue) for the rest of the bottles.

Or maybe I’ll again be too lazy to do so. Who knows. At least now I have some nicely painted wine bottles and a jar, which I could use as sun catchers, vases, simple decorations or whatever I will be willing to use them for 😀