Winter tale


me and my bat (see, I was indeed telling the truth)


I think I might have a new obsession: bats.

Because they are simply the cutest things. Because they don’t bite, once they have got accustomed to a place and its inhabitants. Because some of them hibernate. Because when they drink water they look like cats. Because they are in danger of extinction. Because it didn’t bit me. Because the only ones who do suck blood are the vampire bats and the worst thing they can do to a human is some nasty infections due to the bite itself, not due to blood loss. Because some of them eat insects. Because some of them eat honey. And some like fruit. Because it doesn’t seem to me that they look like mice. Because they are curious. At least mine is :D. Because when taking it in your arms, it makes that cute nose thing called sniffing. He really sniffed at me! And he also did that yelling thing, which made Rascal not wanting to eat it anymore. Muahaha, at least we now have a living ultrasonic device.

It’s now in hibernation mode. We didn’t bring it to the vet, as the guy from the Romanian Bat Protection Association (yeah, we have one!) who kindly answered my call this morning, told me to put it somewhere on the balcony and let it hibernate. Did you know that their recovery from injuries happens very fast? Most of the times without vet help? I wished humans could regenerate so fast. And fly.

bat before hibernation

tiny bat before hibernation

Rich talked to someone from the “EMIL RACOVITA” INSTITUTE OF SPELEOLOGY OF ROMANIAN ACADEMY and they told him we shouldn’t worry. Just let it hibernate. It will be fine after waking up.

The End