This was supposed to be my post for today

and this is what it is now:

bat. our bat.

bat. our bat.

I can change my mind on what to write about. It’s my blog, right?

What I wanted to write about:

Russia banning Americans from adopting Russian children.

I know it’s the fucking Holidays and I also wasn’t in the mood for didn’t have time to read the news these days.

Oh, yes, Le Clown, I did read the posts on your blog, but didn’t even have the time to comment on all. As much as I would have loved it to.

So, Irma went to her nanny, Rich is minding his own business and the dog is sleeping on the floor. I do finally have a little time for myself. Yaaaay! I can finally upload the pictures which I have taken with my new. My only. Camera. Which Santa brought me. After doing so, I finally decide to write something. It’s not nice not to write anything, is it? And this would be my first after Christmas post. What should I write? Then I remember the news.

In the news:

Russia’s upper house of parliament has unanimously backed a bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children

I am a little bit sad. For those children. For those children who do not have a family. For those children who have spent Christmas in an orphanage.

Then I remember Irma. And the pictures. Here are a few.


Rich comes home and we go have a grill on the top of the World roof of an apartment building.

Pictures taken. Checked.

Drinking beer. Checked.

Found a wounded bat. Checked.

My life gets better and better.

First the Amstaff. Then the kid. And us. Together. Then me and the kid. And he and Rascal, the Amstaff. Then we back together. The four of us. Now Irma has the two of us, an Amstaff-pony and a bat.

Bats 3

Yeah, we found a wounded bat as we were heading home. Most probably it is a vampire bat. Kidding. It’s very cute. And it got accustomed to us in minutes. And yeah, we want to keep it. And take it to the vet tomorrow. Our holidays are officially over. Rich got bitten when he picket it up. But since it seems not to be an adult bat, it didn’t have the strength to bite its teeth through the skin. Lucky Rich, huh? Although I don’t think it’s a rabid bat. It only seems to have fallen down its branch.

We are officially in love with this new tiny member of our family. Wish us luck with the recovery.

Happy Holidays to you all.