There was no The End

Introspection: either for the World, nor for my relationship this year. Or so it seems until now. 

Not that I would have liked it to be. The End, I mean. But still, there are more and more people letting you know at some point that it is The End of whatever something. Then, the say that in fact it isn’t. The. End. What a fucked up situation.



After a pretty stressful time some very stressful years, I am at least sure about this: I definitely  need some yoga!


Since I was waiting for the End of the World to come, I managed to make my chi be zen.

And my tango lessons from last summer have finally paid off, since tango music is so relaxing. Plus, the dancing with a two year old can’t be compared to anything.


I’m happy that the World didn’t end 🙂