Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

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So, is it fake or not?

These are the most plausible explanations I could find:

Golden Eagle fakers admit toddler video is a hoax despite fooling millions on YouTube

The eagle’s jest landed: Animation students admit YouTube video of golden eagle snatching baby WAS a hoax


“Explanation here V V
So, im here to prove that this video is fake, because i’m a no-life without anything better to do…
Here’s the original:
Very well done CGI i must say.
But it’s all it is, computer effects..
First, just look at the way the baby falls..
Also he doesn’t react to anything
Here is the first frame you see the eagle’s shadow:
Here is the frame before it:
There’s no shadow..

Also you will notice that everything else in the pictures stays the same, it’s only the camera that moves..
Also watch (arround) 0:26 (of my video) closely, the baby goes up without even being connected to the eagle. There is a first pull which is normal because he is still connected, the second one, he’s not connected anymore, yet he goes up.

EDIT: Credit goes to Reddit user fuck_your_feeling
Happened at around 0:020:03 (of the original video) you can see it by yourself, just go there, pause the video and move the frames with your arrow keys.
Discussion ends here, video definately edited.


Here ya go:…
I was the first saying it was fake (and providing proof), against everyone’s opinion, i got so much hate but i stuck with it.
Feels good man ;)”


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