It’s all about the money

and I don’t love him anymore

You know, I just loved him so much! I was devastated the one time she managed to define a clear break line between us. Friends really know better. I took care of him and even went through his moods together with him… and I simply didn’t want others in my life. No, I only wanted him! Him alone and only for myself. And he was so handsome and full of surprises… at the beginning. Then, the surprises started being less and the handsomeness of his youth began to vanish away. He started looking like a beggar. Like a homeless. Like being used for much too long.

It was then I started to wonder if it were not the right moment to wish something else. But then I thought I would give him another chance.

Me: What if?

All the others: What if what?

Me: What if it’s going to be okay after all?

Others: You know better

Some: With that wrack?

Many: Girl, do you have to think twice? Go grab another one right now!

Time passed by. I didn’t want a new one. I wanted my old one to be repaired. And functioning at full parameters. And this did happen. And I was happy. And he was safe. My 3GS, my one and only.

Yesterday though, I realized I could use one, 4s at least, since I wanted/had/managed to film the homeless lady someone telling their story yesterday in the evening.

IPhone 3gs

IPhone 3GS

It was only after that, that I realized that I either needed a camera or a better phone to film at any hour of the day/or night.

Nooo way, I once again landed on the weird part of youtube and stumbled upon this:

and this:


Have a nice Friday.


P.S. tomorrow: The Old Lady and her Story (with video, filmed with my 3GS)