We definitely are social beeings

and this is definitely some news:



Pope Benedict XVI

Pope and twitter and now Pope and tweets?


Here’s the most realistic answer answer I could find:

by Natasha Lomas, on TechCrunch


It is probably too much to hope the Pope engages with his Twitter follows in a proper back-and-forth conversation, rather than using the service as another pulpit to broadcast from. Judging by this pair of tweets (and the fact he only follows his seven other @Pontifex language feeds), the Pope is more keen on conversing with himself ā€” than with his 672,445 followers ā€” which is really missing the point of social media.

If you want to see the Pope in inaugural Twitter action, this Catholic blog has a video of the moment the Pope sent his first tweet ā€” which, in case you were wondering, was sent from an iPad”

Why would Pope tweet? To be sure that his audience is world (wide web) wide.

Why would he just follow himself? Because nobody else is worth it.

Why would he only be conversing with himself? Because it’s a one player game what he does? or Because he didn’t figure out how twitter works?

Why would Pope have an iPad? Because he didn’t pay for it himself.