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and my Mischmasch


Some months ago, my relationship with my boyfriend – not husband – ended without a warning. He simply left (me for another woman?). After almost 9 years… (?) He did ask me if he could stay for another 2 weeks or so, so he could search for an apartment. And I said yes. Stupid? Nice of me? You tell me.

So, my therapy music was:

The following months: THE nightmare. Fights over the phone, people telling me what he was saying about our relationship, how he had made them clear that he didn’t want to have anything to do with me, how he was bragging about not loving me anymore and being glad he had finally gotten rid of me along with other stuff that I wasn’t told.

And then this seemed to be a good funny solution for me not to think about anything:

and then this also seemed like a good fun choice:

(see translation here)

Back then I had already started to write here. Good thing I didn’t tell him or anybody else about it. He found it anyway. After a couple of weeks. My stats did go up those days. Haha! Then he started making jokes about my “writing skills”.

One day we started to meet again. First because he wanted to see his daughter.

Then, because he wanted to see me.


Take a break…and a deep breath…


Now we moved back together.

So, after all that was said and done, am I stupid? am I the smartest woman alive? am I bad people? am I good people? Is he? Will this last after all that has happened? My wildest guess is I should wait and see for myself.

Does the “fixing things” method still apply nowadays?

Are people who really can forgive anything stupid?

I really can’t figure it out.


Out of topic: our first snow, today!!!

1st snow 2012