To be or not to be

Old Lady and her Misfortune

Old Lady and her Misfortune

Photo credit Mugur Varzariu

Habitat for Humanity poate sa o salveze – Habitat for Humanity can save her



Just watch the video. And share.

“Dragut Fanica is from Fundulea, 40 km east of Bucharest…her house burned to the ground in march 2012…since March she sleeps outside…it’s a miracle she survived that long…Habitat for Humanity is helping another needy family not more than 30 meters away from her…the team is building a house and the contractors are still there…why not make happen a double miracle?” Mugur Varzariu wrote some hours ago on his facebook page.


“Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore” the less bright side of mmkng’s subconscious screams

“Yeah, I am aware of that, but let’s just try to imagine I were!!!”

“You are well aware of the fact that there are billions of such cases, right?”

“Aha, but still…why not try to raise awareness?”

“Because it’s gonna be a waste of time”

“Bullshit! Get out of here!”