The Ugly Duckling

and a series of other things about me, that I want to share with you*

Part 1.

I don’t know how many of you have ever thought about how it would feel to consider yourself ugly.  Or, for that matter of fact, how many of you have experienced such a feeling.

I for instance always felt that that ugly duckling story fitted me like a glove. Always meaning during my childhood and my adolescence years.

Everything changed when I started plucking my eyebrows, which, as I told you before, could easily be mistaken for a stache, if not being a little plucked.

Tip of the day: moms and dads, don’t just wish your daughters remained unchanged, without thinking what they could improve regarding their physical aspect. Okay, I’m not talking about heavy things here, I’m just considering slight changes, because you might just someday realize that a little insignificant eyebrow plucking could mean a lot for their self-esteem and state of mind.


Part 2, tomorrow


*) since I am very busy with the site and kid and charity campaign and work and the day doesn’t last as long as I would need it to last, I’ll continue writing each day, but I’ll write short things about how and who I am.