A House for All – A Container for Me

It’s been obvious for me from the very beginning that any fundraising campaign and this fundraising campaign in particular would not be an easy task. Against all odds and different opinions about what it supposed and what risks were involved, against being told that coming out as a single person would mean a long and hard way to go, against many other questions which I have also put to myself, I truly believe in it and I really want to keep it going.  Don’t think that I haven’t tough about being judged, don’t think that I didn’t or don’t still think that this at first meaningless and targetless blog, in which I have though invested time and which I have groomed with pleasure could go down by me becoming somehow over night aggressive.  Okay, maybe aggressive is a little to much of a description. But you are the ones to judge, not me, so you tell me.

I did think a lot about the risks, you know?

I surely can’t compete (not that I ever wanted to, but since this project of mine came out now there might be some voices judging) with the already founded and notorious Charitable Foundations out there. As said, I didn’t even think about it. It’s only…I want to justify my behavior/intrusion/not wearing any mask for a time. Please do understand, it’s for a really good cause. Please don’t get pissed off by me having two left hands for now. Okay, I think that was enough for the be yourself part, or? You want more? Haha, didn’t think.

A sincere big thanks to Jen, over @ Jen and Tonic,  and the Ringmistress @Laments and Lullabies for their posts that made me not feel alone with my demons.

A sincere big thank you, Jackson @ Money Provides Freedom for your generous donation!

Also a big thank you for sharing!

Thank you all for sharing!

Let me tell you something, although money shouldn’t take over our lives, for some, it WILL buy the happiness and it WILL buy some health. It will buy happiness for those who had to learn the hard way, that one cannot survive without it. And it will buy health for those who need to be treated. No matter if they are homeless people, grown ups or kids going through the nightmare I call cancer, they will be a little bit happier and maybe, I do hope, healthier, with our help.

That’s why I continue to be convinced that the whole www development over the years has done a great deal in enabling people to get easier together for supporting good causes.

If I haven’t bored you too much until now, I also don’t want that it happens from now on.

One more thing, wandering how I could raise that money, I finally came up with another idea. Long live the idiot – that would be me having so many ideas – :p.

What do you think about Bitcoins related to donations?

I must confess, I haven’t heard of Bitcoins until Andy Skelton wrote this .

I found it really nice, so I now own my own Bitcoin – Wallet 😀

You get my point, right? So, if any of you have bitcoins and want to donate (I will enlighten myself on exchange options and stuff these days), please do so!

Here’s the address: 1ksrbPwP5gUyP6nTQjk8LWpuf8QhaNAhz

I didn’t manage to figure out how that QR code is being used. Tried something – see on the left panel – but I really don’t figure out what went wrong.

Will consider myself busy for a while, until figuring it out.

The sun shines here and the 8 degrees have vanished. I don’t really know how many there are, but it is definitely springy in Bucharest.

Wish you all the same lovely sunny day.

Okay, Jackson, I must confess you were actually the one who made my day. (And sorry for the ck missing in Jackson on twitter and facebook. Will correct that right away. I only saw it now, that my enthusiasm doesn’t own my brain anymore.)