Sneak Peek

spoiler, walk trough, you call it

After so bravely announcing my intentions (not all of them though – you’ll have to enter the later on today, the 17th that is, EET taken into consideration), I had to hurry up in order to keep my word. So, after not sleeping last night, the other night either, going to work like a zombie and feeling the urge to listen to

over and over and over again,

I finally started to get closer to the finish line.

I really feel like a marathon runner tough.

Because I am ahead of time and that was my greatest expectation from myself. Because I really enjoyed what I did until now. And well, because like hell I will let that voice in my head telling me this won’t work take over control.

To cut the story short (I’ll make it long and painful later), here are some of the perks that will expect you and everyone else who will embark on this journey đŸ™‚

Note: still working on the soap. That’s why the emptiness :p

from mmkng with love

100% handmade soaps and candles

100% glycerin soaps, not transparent, mixed with olive oil and essential oils

perfumed candles – choose your fragrance and colour (to be added to the perks)

There are many more to come.

Let yourselves be surprised.

See you later.