Money, money, money

Sneak peaek

Let us all assume, this could be me (I’d wish, huh?)

If I had a little money…all the things I could do 🙂

As some of you might know, I have a daughter, Irma, I am separated from her father, aka. Rich, the ex (nooo, not by far that Richard “Richie Rich” Serrell nor this Richie Rich), my career as an arm-wrestler didn’t even have the chance to come to a start, I had an Amstaff and I still have a lot of unfinished business as well as a big project to come and I really like Le Clown over at A Clown on Fire (Le Clown, you realize I have mentioned you here due to you being the first to follow me on twitter, right?)

Today I feel like sharing my life with you and converting myself into a…insert what you would call it after reading to the end?

And I will do so, because I can and because I don’t really care if someone judges. Okay, I do care, but it sounded full of courage, so I’d prefer to convince myself that this is the truth.

I’ll start with the beginning which is actually more, but I’ll try not to pick up the most tearful one. Because I want you to follow me to the end.

My last 6 and a half years resumed:

 – 6 years ago, my mother died of myocardial infarction.

One day my father calls and tells Rich, the bf: “you shut up now and listen, you take her by the hand, go to the train station and you come home with her.”

Rich: “but what happened?”

Dad: “her mother is in ER”

After a 8 hours trip by train, dad: “she is dead. She also was this morning. Didn’t want that something happened to you, too”


– 1 and a half year ago, my father died of lung and bone cancer.

2 years ago, the doctor: “it’s…how to put it, aaa, it’s…”

Dad: “it’s cancer, right?”

Doctor: “it’s pulmonary emphysema”

Dad: “yeah, cancer”

Doctor: “I would strongly advice against any therapy. Anyway, you have at most 6 months to live”

Dad: “Oh, why didn’t you say so from the start? That’s relieving!”

Exactly six months later he died.

These doctors are real fortune tellers at times, aren’t they?

They – the hospitals – didn’t have enough nurses??? I forgot to tell you, my mother was a nurse, so they simply thought that I would be suitable for the injecting morphine process. Me??? All by myself??? But I did it, while thinking of what they had told me while showing me how to do it: “he won’t get passed 5 days”.

Me: “oh, why didn’t you say so, THAT’s relieving!”

Gosh, I want to kill them even now that I think about it! Such morons!

Speaking of which, did anyone read the manga / see the anime / film?

There are moments I really would want such a note to be real, hahahaha! Kidding. Or not?

The series is very catchy, tough.

The six months were a nightmare. I always thought about how it would be to wake up and realize it was only a nightmare. It wasn’t the case, doh!!!

My father stayed in Bucharest, because of the chemo needing to be done in some hospital here and since they were the only ones to “have a high successful treatment rate”.

And they also have the highest “give me money so that you can get my attention” rates

Typical. Couldn’t expect something else.

It was that time that our problems began. My daughter was only 3 months old when my father got the confirmation of his cancer. I stayed at home. More for my dad than for the child. The child had her own and personal  caretaker, aka Mey (see her here or here)

A year and not even a half from my dad’s funerals, Rich said he had enough of our money / ill father / baby too much away problems and left. He left me in a house for which I couldn’t afford to pay the rent. Anyways, I moved, and fast! After having paid that one month alone, plus 2 months in advance and a guarantee of a one month’s rent at the new apartment.

All happening so fast, I simply didn’t think about asking the new landlord how things were when talking about heating. Okay, you must admit, you wouldn’t think about it either, right? How the heck ask it there will be heat? It’s unbefuckinglievable!!!

Oh, oops, now I can tell you how things are. We have what? about 8°C during the day and 0°C at night? Yeah, kind of. AND THERE IS NO HEAT!!! AT ALL!!! It’s freezing and I am sick and tired and ill.

When asking, and after me getting a strong cold and Irma getting a cold, and sending her to Mey, who does not live in Bucharest, but who at least has a sound central heating and own house, they told me that “this is life”. Can you believe it? Okay, maybe you can, but I wouldn’t have believed that this could happen until now.

This was 2 weeks ago. I am still coughing and having fever and it doesn’t seem to get better since I don’t have a warm place to treat it. The cold, I mean.

So, today I frenetically started to look for apartments in which I could move…once again alone, once again with 1 billion things to carry up and down the stairs all by myself.

again, let’s imagine this were me

I want a container home!!!

I found some apartments…expensive and okay and some cheaper and offering the same conditions as the one I am living in at the moment. The problem is:

I don’t earn enough to get a bank loan – back-stab

I have a child!!! And no husband!!! second and third back-stabs

So, bottom line is, I want a house!

I want to build it, and I will.

There’s no hurry. Okay, maybe there is, but what would you want me to do? I’ve already confessed!

NOOO, this is not the project I
was talking about yesterday 🙂

but it’s somehow related – because I want to build a house which I will use for living – part of it at least. The other part shall be used for a very noble cause, you’ll see.

So, will you help me spread the word that I want people to give me money?

Please do so! Do it fast, spread the word, because tomorrow I’ll open my campaign and I’ll need your support.

The perks shall be awesome and I don’t doubt it, you /they / anyone will want them for that little money.