Because I can’t grow a Mo,

I try to convince others to do so!


At first I wanted to let my eyebrows – which are really thick – grow, groom them, take a photo, post it, raise awareness. They really can look like a stache, you know? Tricky tough, as this would actually mean going out of the house that way and I can’t say I would do it without being afraid of what people would say.

Then, I thought about letting the hair on my hands grow and shave a mo. Nope, this wouldn’t either be a good idea, since it is getting cold and nobody would see it.

But then I had this crazy idea of taking advantage and asking my ex, who has been my ex since a very short time, if he would grow a stache. And since the “ex” doesn’t really apply anymore, I managed to convince him to grow a mo for Movember and just a few minutes ago, to take a first photo of the stache as it is growing. Aren’t I awesome?

Okay, you have not been able to behave normally, at least for the pic., but I think people will like your starting to grow stache 🙂

Thanks, Rich