November Playlist

because November stands for:

1. Bloggers for Movember

2. NaNoWriMo


and more.

First step - Sorin Vidis

photo credits to Sorin Vidis

my top 10 for November

1. Saint privat

1. Mogwai

2. Epigram

3. When the Clouds…again

4. ODi

5. Tango with Lions

6. Blueneck

7. For A Minor Reflection

8. Aimee Mann

9. When the Clouds

10. Lykke Li


These not being 100% my genre, I can admit that I don’t enjoy the cold weather.

I don’t like summer either.

Winter is fine with me, as long as there is snow around.

I would best like it to remain stuck in spring.



That being said, I only hope that I’ll soon go back to my old Lenka, Fab Samperi, Zaz & Co. playlist.