Unfinished business

for which reason I love White Lies today

and therefore I also love Mumford & Sons


For those of you who expect a result for the The Invisible Money and A Battery That Makes Cents Project, please don’t be too harsh on me, I’ll make it up to you. Until then, I found this very interesting 🙂


Regarding my green wall/vertical garden, I must admit it shall take some time for my herbs to grow, so that I can proudly present my results here. Until then, Patrick Blanc, Vertical Gerden interview in Paris and DIY How to Making of Patrick Blanc Style Green Wall Vertical Garden are very interesting.


Little Rascal

Thank you IoanaE Design for the pictures 🙂

This is not an unfinished project, but I felt like bringing it in. So, RW and then FF, here he is in all his splendor, Rascal American Tigers (De Paco Xz Stonefreebooter x Forget Me Not American Tigers) a.k.a. Ross


Not a very long time ago, they convinced me to participate in an arm wrestling thing…contest…how are they called? They told me there were only beginners…if it seems to you that kickboxers and bodybuilders and girlfriends of strongmen are beginners, then enlighten me please :p

So, under the category unfinished business, I (not so) proudly present me, at 1:18 (the almost bold one) and

Arm wrestling is not for me

my expression at 2:42, here.

After this very public embarrassment I swore that I will do something so that I can regain my integrity during the next contest.

This is an unfinished project…I was too lazy to do all the push-ups required for such a strength. But it’s better late than never, isn’t it?