I love vertical gardens

and I want a green wall in my house


Patrick Blanc, the modern innovator of the green wall is a continuous source of inspiration for all those wanting to bring a piece of nature in their homes.

Therefore, as I just adore all that is green and since I – although I don’t have much time for cooking –  need my fresh herbs in the kitchen, I have decided I shall try and see if I manage to make my own green wall out of rosemary, savory, basil, parsley, dill and some mint.

Wish me luck and hope that my super dooper  secret ingredient – :p which I’ve been eager to try for some months now – for sustaining the vertical position of the wall, hence the horizontal position of the of the plants will indeed work!

These are nice for instance 🙂

Idea not from here (I found this now, searching for existing walls, so I try that mine doesn’t look like a copy) but this is also very nice. (see image)



The Belle Brigade and Zaz – enjoy them today more than yesterday.