Why do people lie to each other

and what lies can YOU tolerate?

I can understand a harmless lie told to someone in terms of not offending them. Or not saying anything in order not to offend someone. (this also is a lie, isn’t it?)



I can understand lies that are job related (for those who work in advertising for example).

I can also understand a little how much did that perfume/pair of shoes cost lie.

And I can think of a lot of lies which I am capable of tolerating.

The one lie that makes me feel miserable and which sucks all vitality out of my body + brain is the lie in a relationship, which involves the opposite sex, or better said your partner venturing in a written or verbal or touchy or more intimate relationship with someone else, no matter if he/she dumps you at some point or not.
This is the funniest story with an unexpected end I have read in a while :))

And this one is eloquent.