Do the eBay Partner Network

and other ways to make money with WordPress come in handy for all bloggers?


Well, considering the fact that once Le Clown, who is on fire has commented your…well, truth be told A Spoon full of Suga‘s (a.k.a. Mr. Mary’s) post, telling them they made him and his Ringmistress, I quote, from Laments and Lullabies laugh out loud, even a comment to your own comment telling you you were also funny, but still in quarantine seems to be quite something. I mean, at least you could get his magnificent – is this now a magnificence or not? – attention.

The conclusion of the attention is now the following:

I very much like the guys from Erfinderladen Berlin, who 2 years ago patiently responded to one of RiDe&Co.‘s (must admit, this was me in a very clumsy way of trying to write a blog) e-mails, in which I was nicely asking them if I was allowed to post a picture of a Christmas tree that linked back to their site. Well, not knowing anything about copyright as far as the www was concerned and not even bothering to search for any answers, I can say I had an excuse. A lame one, but still an excuse. Remembering that episode and driven by the audience that the two blogs mentioned above got, as well separately, as also that the one will get from the other and vice versa, I started doing a little bit of research, as any noob would do, google-ing it as it popped out my mind: “how to make money with wordpress” and here is what I found:

1. How to Make Money With WordPress: The WPMU Guide to Getting Paid

2. How WordPress Helps The Little Guy Make Money

3. How to Make Money from WordPress

4. Blog Smarter: 9 Ways to Make Money from WordPress … Without Having a Blog (the best by far, but you need to have some, or let’s admit it, more expertise)

5. How can I make money from my blog? (well, this is the WordPress support page, but still something)
I can’t exactly remember the site where I have actually found the eBay Affiliate Program being mentioned, but of all, it seems to me to be the least ethical method of all. This, followed by the ads thingies.

Making money from blogging may be a possibility, even a good one for some. Personally, I wouldn’t enjoy money from…clicks (which is the one method to come handy to all bloggers, no matter what they do for a living).

So I’ve calmed down and am now waiting for your appreciation 😀