The Invisible Money

and A Battery That Makes Cents

Part 1.

There has passed quite a long time, since I read about The Invisible Money on the blog of my friend.

Today, refreshing my memory about how much money (that is coins) we have managed to put in a larger jar for the passed months and thinking about eventually having to either change it or do something with it, I found an interesting project: A Battery That Makes Cents. The main point is to make a battery out of “pennies and nickels”. My main preoccupation now is to see if it is possible to make a battery out of “bani”, the Romanian coins.
Part 2.

Tomorrow I shall post a photo of my “invisible money”.


Part 3.

The day after tomorrow I shall tell you if I managed to make the battery and if so, also post a photo of it (of course together with the multimeter measurement).
Hopefully it will work, since our coins are made of:

1 ban: brass (which is an alloy of Cu and Zn) plated steel

5 bani: Cu plated steel

10 bani: Ni plated steel

50 bani: brass plated steel

and for a battery to work, I need a Zn layer, a conductor (the vinegar-soaked paper towel) and then a Ni layer…

wish me luck 🙂