Toddlers and…



Approximately one year ago, I was reading an article about the social impact of media on children.

From that article, I almost instantly jumped to Toddlers and Tiaras.

Since then, I’ve been constantly wondering what the heck do those mothers have in mind, to do this for instance?!

Today I’ve been asked if I were all right with my daughter going to a…casting. At first, my answer was yes, of course, why not? After about 5 minutes I was like O.M.G., not in a billion years!

My child shall develop and grow up as a child: having fun, learning by doing, being childish, being loved for who she is, not being transformed in a puppet, marionette or the like.

Then, I fount this. I liked it much.


And here are some photos of a happy child 🙂