It’s all about…

the money


or maybe it isn’t 🙂

This is what I imagine, when hearing this.


Actually, this post was supposed to be about…cancer. I don’t know how I got to money.

In fact I do.
Let me tell you a story about one man who one day found out he had cancer. There came no extra explanations, no encouragements, no it’s gonna be all rights from the doctors. There also didn’t come any I don’t wanna die, but I’m to young, regrets from his side. He only did what they advised him to do. Chemo and try to eat and get some rest. He had recently become a grandfather and he was very proud and very happy. “The happiest man still alive”, he used to joke. This he would say was his biggest sadness: he wouldn’t see her grow up. The doctors had given him 6 months. This much he also lived from that moment. Like a clock ticking away. He did expect it and he was nor surprised, either scared. It was a relief for him and a moment to take a deep breath for his only child. This would be me. It was a moment in which I realized how ill the medical system is, how many people would bother to try understand the ones who are dying and who, maybe, just maybe, would stand a chance in other countries. In Romania, when one has cancer, one is seen and treated as an already dead person. The health insurance companies take several months in order to approve a file, adults and children diagnosed with cancer of any type are really dying. Most of them. Some of them because they are – due and because of an ill system – diagnosed too late, some of them because they lack the money to get treatment and come of them because there isn’t anything to be done.


Writing about this topic inspired by A Clown On Fire and also wanting to spotlight and show my support for Bloggers for Movember.

And I also added the badge 😉