Te Amo,


con La Tubatango (seen them live, they are awesome!)

Last year I took tango classes. Very few though, because of lack of time. Although it was for a short time, I promised I would return. It was the moment when I also discovered Los Hermanos Macana.

I would gladly see them live, because they have managed to return to the old first tango days, when the dance was practiced between men. This article for instance (not having anything to do with the Macana Brothers) is very accurate, coming from a man who lived in the “Milongueros” era. For those who are interested, read this 🙂. I’m pretty sure it shall manage to uncover a lot of clichés. Speaking of which, I remember that the first time I told somebody I was taking tango classes, based on the overall cliché that Tango was born in the brothels of Buenos Aires, that person said something like: “this is a rude dance”. Back then I was somehow speechless, knowing that no matter how hard I would have tried to explain that it was not rude or lascivious, I didn’t stand a chance in front of the popular misconception. Now, remembering that episode, I laugh. I laugh out loud. And I am glad I had the chance not to be one of those who believe otherwise.