This blog isn’t

meant to

1. attract audience (if it does, very nice! I would be glad, but it isn’t a must…at least not for the moment)

2. be very personal (it just happened to be for a while. Sorry for that. Will not happen in the future)

3. be considered a wannabe writer, photographer or everything else blog (yet)

4. not be able to handle criticism (the owner, a.k.a. me)

5. be read by anybody who doesn’t want to do so (we live in a free world, don’t we? And there is a lot of crap on the internet. This doesn’t mean we read/listen to/watch all of it, does it?)


Resting my case:

– if anybody has a problem with this blog, please do not follow it anymore;

– if anybody wants to say something – good or bad – please do it publicly.


Last, but not least,

sorry to all of you who have nothing to do with this “issue” and sorry for ruining a post for this, but it simply had to be said.